Platinum Clad Niobium Anode (Pt / Nb Anode)

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Sun Wing now supplies a complete line of Platinum Clad Niobium Anodes. Our Clad Metal Anodes Offer a smooth, uniform, non-porous layer of platinum metallurgically bonded to a niobium substrate. The cladding process affords a "densely packed" platinum anode surface with a superior performance in both high speed and high current density applications. Meanwhile, the niobium substrate, with its chemically resistant and advanced conductivity properties, complements the superior platinum clad composite. Therefore, making the Sun Wing Anode the right choice for both precious and base metal plating baths.

Sun Wing Pt Clad Nb Anodes are cost efficient. Often lasting as much as 4-5 times longer than platinum plated products. That's a potential 250% increase in cost efficiency over plated anodes.
Better current distribution allows for increase control of plating thickness and permits increase production.

Applications include precious metal plating, wheel hub plating, reel-to-reel plating and base metal plating as well as electrolytic recovery, anodizing, electroforming, also some fluoride applications, and electrochemical process manufacturing.

Platinum thicknesses of 125μin or 250μin on one or both sides; supplied in strip or expanded mesh. Anodes can be fabricated to customer specifications. Specify Sun Wing Pt Clad Nb Anodes for your new equipment requirements and replacement needs.